The Bothie

On a highland trail, the place to stop and rest is known as a bothie. This fortified old sweet white is the sort of wine one would hope to find while taking a break from inclement scottish weather.

The Bothie is a fortified blend of traditional grape varieties which have been used to make this style of wine in the Barossa for generations. Including Madeira Semillon, Frontignac, Palomino, Doradillo, Grenache and Shiraz, these varieties have a rich, and sometimes forgotten history of fortified winemaking in the Barossa.

Torbreck is the name of a forest near Inverness, Scotland. You’ll find more than a passing nod to the Celts in our wine naming conventions including this reference to the place to stop on a highland trail for a rest – a Bothie.

Current Vintage NV
When the vintage allows, the grapes are picked at optimum ripeness.  A small amount of spirit is then added to the fermenting wine to arrest the yeast activity and raise the alcohol level. The resulting barrels are then allowed to mature over a number of years to develop a rich tawny colour and deep, concentrated flavours, until ready to be added to the Bothie blend.


NV - tasting notes and reviews

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  • Cuvée Juveniles

    The wines hallmark is its freshness due to old oak ageing and as the name describes it is a wine best drunk in its youth, poured by the glass at your favourite restaurant
  • Cuvée Juveniles Blanc

    Cuvée Juveniles Blanc pays homage to the fresh and energetic Cotes du Rhone white blends enjoyed in the wine bars and bistros of France
  • Descendant

    This single vineyard, located next to our winery block on Roennfeldt Road, was planted in 1994 with cuttings taken from our RunRig grower vineyards – some of the oldest genetic vine material in Australia
  • Harris Vineyard Grenache

    The Harris vineyard, planted to Grenache in 2002, celebrates the traditional bush vine growing methods of the Barossa Valley pioneering grape growers