Torbreck Allocations

Many of our premium wines are released in very small amounts, and are coveted by wine collectors around the world. 

If you are a collector of Torbreck wines, joining our Torbreck Annual Allocations list gives you priority access to our rarest and most collected wines each vintage. 

By registering your interest in receiving an allocation of the upcoming vintage, the cellar door will set aside your wine before the public release.

There is no ongoing commitment to join to Torbreck Allocation programme - you can cancel and unsubscribe at any time

  • This is service offered as a registration of interest, not a commitment to supply from Torbreck
  • Torbreck will endeavor to fulfill all requests, but may be required to fulfill wines on pro rata basis in the case of lower than expected volumes
  • An allocation will not be offered if the wine is not produced that vintage 
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The Laird Shiraz
RunRig Shiraz Viognier
Les Amis Grenache
Descendant Shiraz Viognier
The Factor Shiraz
The Gask Shiraz
The Pict Mataro