The “Daylight Chamber” vineyard acquired its name when a number of the regions original councillors would secretly meet during the day to negotiate business and share a drink in the properties old stone cottage, before heading into the official Barossa Council Chambers in the evening to formalise the deal.  These behind the scenes negotiations and deals by the Barossa’s early leaders helped forge the direction of this newly formed region, setting the groundwork of the Barossa we enjoy today

Daylight Chamber has a vast array of soils, from the rich rocky ironstone on top of the hill on the western border to the beach like sand of the eastern border. This vineyard is the highest on the Barossa floor, and a degree or two cooler throughout the year, and he vines are almost always under some sort of stress. Shiraz off this vineyard typically contributes savoury characteristics along with remarkable texture and depth. Dusty, earthy and meaty aromas are typical each year, combined with a rusted metal/ olive tapenade nuance, no doubt due to the presence of ironstone and sand throughout the vineyard.

 It’s rightly so that The Daylight Chamber vineyard is core vineyard for the Factor Shiraz.  It is a powerful and distinctive wine, and our most quintessential Barossa Shiraz.  And along with a ‘Chamber’ of the other benchmark Barossa Shiraz wines, The Factor has helped forged the Barossa’s reputation as one of the world’s most regarded wine regions.


Barossa Valley Floor


Hentschke Road




Shiraz, Grenache, Mataro


Shiraz, Grenache  and Mataro 1900, Shiraz 1927


22.97 ha (17.93 planted))


Sandy loam over rocky ironstone soil


Undulating east facing hills


The Factor