Torbreck Cellar Door Trading Restrictions

To reduce the risk of transfer of COVID19 and to ensure a safe environment for our guests and staff, we have  addressed the 5 principals of ‘Step 2 Reopening’


Principle 1: Reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 by reducing the number of close contacts

  1. Limited numbers of visitors to cellar door – three sessions per day to a maximum of 13 people per session (1 person per 4sqm)
  2. No groups larger than 6 people per table with a maximum of three tables available (up to 13 guests in total)
  3. Only one booking/group per table
  4. 1.5m distance between tables
  5. Tasting session limited to 60 minutes, with 30 minutes to purchase and leave the premises
  6. No option to remain on premises/gardens to consume food and beverages


Principle 2: Reduce the likelihood that the close contacts you have are sick with a COVID-19 compatible illness

  1. Guests who show symptoms of COVID 19 will be refused entry, and refunded their tasting fee
  2. Staff who show symptoms of COVID19 will stay away for work and be tested before returning to work


Principle 3: Limit your close contacts to people you know

  1. Only guests travelling together are to be seated on the same table


Principle 4: Reduce the number of circumstances where close contacts can be created

  1. Signage encouraging guest to keep their distance and follow good hygiene principals
  2. Separate entry and exit doors available
  3. Customers are instructed to wait outside before their tasting session and allowed in by staff
  4. Wine pre-poured as wine flights limiting staff and guest contact
  5. 2 people allowed in the wine museum at any one time


Principle 5: Reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 through body secretions on surfaces

  1. Customers not to handle wine bottles
  2. Contactless payment, no cash
  3. Hand sanitizer available at entry and POS
  4. Spitoons are single use and disposable
  5. New tasting collateral provided for each customer (tasting sheet, tasting notes etc)
  6. Water bottle and glasses washed in glass washer after use
  7. Staff to pre pour wines as wine flights
  8. After each group has left, staff are to follow post-visit sanitisation procedure
  9. At the end of the day, staff are to follow end of day sanitisation procedure
  10. Staff to wear gloves when conducting sanitisation


Principle 6: Identify and manage any outbreak of COVID-19

  1. We will collect the name and contact details of at least one person per group

We ask all guests to assist in the practice of hand washing and sanitising, and to preclude themselves from visiting the cellar door if showing flu-like symptoms

Please contact Torbreck Cellar Door for  reservations or further inquiries

Phone: +61 8 8568 8123


Updated 28 May 2020